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Richard Dannenberg is the owner of a franchised printing operation in Macon, Georgia. He is 51 years old, loves the same wife he’s had for almost 30 years, has five children, 4 living parents, two live-in parents, several cats and a reckless white dog. He’d like for you to take him seriously, but doesn’t expect that you actually will.

15 Responses to About the Author

  1. Penny says:

    How about an explaination of all the steps required to produce a printed piece?

    As you know, I love clients… and I really love clients who want projects turned around in a matter of minutes. Maybe, with this bit of information, people will understand that while all this wonderful technology does make things faster, it doesn’t make thing instantaneous.


  2. Amybeader says:

    Ah, I knew there had to be something behind this, as to the appeal: you have cats. 🙂 Ok, a silly comment, I know.

  3. Lauren says:

    You were mentioned on PrintPlanet and that’s how I came to see this great website! You should write a book!!

    Anyway…I noticed you were gnashing your teeth there while trying to hire a proper applicant. Let me start out by saying I’m not looking for work right now, but would be be kind enough to share some advice with me? I have been in printing for so long I can remember using glass plates to do halftones on a Chemco Marathon (circa 1933). I’ve been in printing since 1985. back in the day, when “stripping” had a different conotation!

    Today I am an impo tech and making minimalist wages. A local college is offering what they term a “skillset” in Graphic Design. I went to Print Planet.com and posted a thread asing if this would be helpful, but no one has replied. The classes are Photo Imaging 1 &2, Electronic Publishing, Intro to Graphic Design, Corporate Design, Graphic Design and Production, typograhy, and Portfolio Development. The total cost is $3500–a vast sum for me, but I think between financial aid and Pell Grants, i should be able to swing it somehow. Would these classes be worth it, or should (as has been suggested rather meanly by some at PrintPlanet) I just start flipping burgers for a living? right now I make $7.00 an hour (used to make as much as $13.00/hour), have survived both domestic violence and homelessness, but love my job sooo much, and want to continue in the field, if I can.

  4. Mark Tonkovich says:

    I saw this also on Printplanet and just want to say keep it up, I enjoyed reading your posts. Gotcha bookmarked.


    Mark Tonckovich
    Heidelberg USA

  5. Faith Martin says:

    Love the blog.

    Used the same analogy about the Dr. recently. Laughing and going ‘uh-huh’, yep, that’s right!

    Macon, GA…shoot not that far from Tallahassee.


  6. Back in the day when I was setting hand type and learning to operate a “Linotype”
    we waited every month for the copy of “Printing Impressions” to read the next installment from “Otto Night Watch” by Otto Boutin. Your site make me smile to think
    how fun, “Otto” would have been proud and I owe you a beer…
    Thanks for all of your Heart from a printer up in Jersey…
    Write On! & Print…
    Scott – Nelson Press
    Rumson NJ

    • cozybanshee says:

      Otto Boutin was my grandfather. I was born after his death but I’ve read his writing and heard so many stories about him, I feel as though I know him and my dad says we’d get along. What a pleasant surprise to find– on a blog no less, so far from the catfish in the Bodoni– that his writing is remembered outside of our family.

      • poor richard says:

        I had not read your grandfather’s essays, but after receiving your message found a copy of “A Catfish in the Bodoni.” I’ve really loved reading about itinerant typesetters, ghost pressmen, and better times in the printing business. Would have loved to meet your granddad. I’ll bet he was a real character!

  7. From Facebook ad –> Alphagraphics site –> your blog.

    Funny, the writing is far more erudite than your face would indicate {major grin}.

    Right good stuff, here! Some of it took me back to my Compugraphic days at Ellett Bros. in Chapin, SC.

  8. toludave says:

    hi ricchy,

    nice to be around here.

    giving the plusibly nature of design & Printing down here in Africa, i’ll like to know if you have any thing on setting up a print shop.

    i’m writing an expansion plan for my photo studio firm.

    toludave Nig.

  9. Can I borrow your Bridezilla picture to use in my blog? That is perfect, and your writing is priceless!

  10. Hi Richard!
    I have had so much fun reading your blog!
    I work at a printshop in nothern Sweden and I can tell you that the printing business are all the same here.

    “How much will a book cost?”
    “–Eerr… Size, number of copies, color or B/W? In what program is it made?”
    “My daughter helped me out with it, she’s really good at computers, it’s all in MS Publisher”

    And about the X___x digital press, thats just all too familiar.

    Looking forward to more of your entertaining posts.

    Best Regards
    Ă–rjan Berglund
    Bok & Tryck
    Söderhamn, Sweden

  11. Steve says:

    I was wondering around the www today,looking up some old friends and you and your blog caught my eye.As you can tell my puter skills have not improved much,after all you did turn me on to it.I believe you said read the damn book,sorry i never did, just enought to get by.I had forgot how entertaining your storys were.You have been a busy man.You have mellowed a little along with your verbage,but you still have a great since of humor.Just thought i would say hi.Good luck with your business.

    your old friend

    S. Nunley

  12. MikeD says:

    I think we all wait patiently for more words from Poor Richard. He can really lighten up a (slow) day.

    Hoping all is well.

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