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Some Pig!

One of the stranger news stories ever printed was featured in Saturday’s Macon Telegraph Boy, 11, bags hog bigger than ‘Hogzilla’ . 11 year old Jamison Stone, pictured with this mutated bovine, apparently shot the thing with a pistol. Let’s revisit that . . . shot it several times with a pistol. Nine times with a 50 caliber revolver, to be exact. Young Jamison has been hunting since he was five.

Please don’t misunderstand. Poor Richard is not one of those animal rights folks who get totally torqued when they see a chicken house and even feed their pet Doberman a vegetarian dog food. But, one does have to question the sanity of allowing an eleven year old to charge through the woods firing a pistol at Grendel.

According to the Telegraph/AP article, Jamison’s “father said that, just to be extra safe, he and the guides had high-powered rifles aimed and ready to fire in case the beast, with 5-inch tusks, decided to charge.” Somehow this just doesn’t seem satisfactory. If Grendel actually had decided to devour the lad, would a few high powered rifles actually have stopped him in time?

I submit that if God had truly wanted men to hunt and eat something like this monster, He wouldn’t have invented cows, chickens and domesticated pigs.

As for Jamison, his next expedition is planned for Scotland in the late Summer. He’s going fishing for Nessie . . . with a #8 Aberdeen hook.

Photo by Melynne Stone, AP story by Kate Brumback, lifted without specific permission from Macon.com. I’ll put the photo back if you tell me to.


3 Responses to Just In Case You Missed It

  1. Your Eldest Daughter says:

    That little boy is crying with disappointment right now. Check this story out–


  2. Your Eldest Daughter says:

    He might actually have better luck with Nessie…though she looks like a floating log to me.

    Breaking news!

  3. […] daughter sent a link with a different slant on the big pig story (See Just In Case You Missed It ). It seems that the pig had a name, and it wasn’t Grendel after all. Fred, the pig, was […]

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