Who put out the Eternal Light of Knowledge?

This will be a short entry. Beautiful wife and I just returned from the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony at Perry High School (PHS). It was a suitably solemn ceremony. Honor cords and certificates were awarded to Seniors for their superb academic performance and nearly 50 students were indicted into the Society (not that I question their convictions).

The highlight was the lighting of the Eternal Light of Knowledge, a large candle that was fired up with Eternal matches or an infernal propane lighter or something similar. Three other candles representing Service, Leadership, and Character were then ignited from the Eternal Light of Knowledge.

The ceremony ended with a suitably decorous Pledge to the high minded ideals of the Society. Beautiful wife and I slipped outside to unload some boxes for the theatre department. When we returned, the three candles and the Eternal Light of Knowledge were gone, snuffed out and put away in a box.

Who put out the Eternal Light of Knowledge? Did they have permission?


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