There’s something Objectionable about Green People


We printed the oddest brochure today. It was totally GREEN!

I’m just not sure about green people. This is not a personality disorder on my part, nor is it indicative of some sort of latent prejudice. I’ve never actually met a green person, nor a blue one for that matter.

I don’t think that I’d be judgmental if I met someone who was actually green; i.e. born that way like Elphaba in Wicked! It’s just that folks like this don’t really exist. So, why would anyone want to take a perfectly good photograph of a naturally colored individual and print it in green or blue or red. It looks weird.

Consider the photo above. These are my kids. They’re really neat kids, but they’re not green. Here’s what they look like in color:

Kids in color

As a printer, I’d naturally like to see everything printed in color. But I understand that there are some projects that have to be produced economically. One or two color printing can be very cost effective and when designed well, can make a very good impression on the target audience.

Here’s the point: Green photography is almost always a poor design choice. Green photography is an especially poor design choice when the shade of green resembles the color of spinach baby food. Those of you who have experienced this Gerber delicacy will recall that it looks about the same going in and coming out of the infant.

We are used to black and white photography. Good black and white photos, with the levels adjusted correctly for print, are pleasing to the eye. Here are my kids in black and white:

Kids in Black and White

Now I’ve totally exploited my kids in my blog to make a simple point. Color works, black and white works, green people are strange.


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