I’ve tried and tried and tried.  One of my customers is describing something they are seeing on their computer or on a sheet of paper or in their mind.  I’m on the other end of the phone.  I look hard into those little holes in the voice side of the handset and I just can’t see it.

I’ve tried for years to hire a graphic designer who could read minds.  Our current design guy, Chris, has a wonderful eye for layout and design, but he can’t read minds worth a flip!  It’s really exasperating!

We really want to keep our customers happy.  When they tell us that they need the job completed in 2 days, we take them at face value and whenever possible try to map out a course of action that will meet the deadline.  It’s the deadlines that precede the arrival of the job that are the tough ones to meet.  We have to tailor the customer’s expectations just a little when the job arrives on our doorstep two days after the due date for completion.

We listen to what they tell us.  Usually, it sounds like English.  Sometimes, it’s just the words that are  English.  The meaning is in some other language all together. We have been working for 3 days on an invitation.  When it started out, it was a simple folding card printed in one color, with a matching envelope.  Yesterday, it turned into a ticket.  Today, it’s a panel card.  And our customer is getting upset because her original deadline was today.

I pray continually for patience . . . and God responds by teaching it to me!  I want to just have it, not learn it.  Sometimes, I get so tired of learning patience that all of a sudden I unlearn all of the patience I’d learned before.

Maybe if we all learned Esperanto?


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