Defying Gravity

It’s been one of those weeks in Macon, Ga. I’m not sure if it’s the phase of the moon (it’s full today) or if the force of gravity is just a little stronger than usual, but our customers are behaving a little strangely. To put it simply . . . they’re disoriented.

It all started on Tuesday with a proof response from a customer who claimed that her proof for envelopes had been sent to her upside down. She was able to read it and give an OK, but she wondered if her envelopes would also arrive upside down. We naturally assured her that all of the envelopes we printed are fully rotatable and that even in the odd event that they did arrive upside down, she would be able to make the necessary adjustments herself.

Then there was the question of the postcards. If the front of the card is oriented vertically and the back horizontally, should the left hand side of the back align with the head or the foot of the front. I submit that if you’re right handed, the alignment should be with the head and if you’re left handed the left side should align with the foot. So then it’s much easier . . . a simple question of whether left handed or right handed postcards are desired. Our customer is still trying to figure this one out.

Finally, there was the order for direction signs. There wasn’t much to them, just a large arrow on a piece of laminated 11 x 17 cover. Our customer was very specific. She needed six of them. 3 were to point to the East and the remaining three to the West. The arrows looked like this:


When the signs were delivered, our customer was satisfied with the quality, but called to state that she couldn’t tell the difference between the arrows that were to point to the East and those that were to point to the West. We apologized and told her that we had sent North and South arrows by mistake.

Disclaimer: Names have not been mentioned to avoid embarrassing the innocent. Stories have been embellished, but only very slightly. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.



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